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Welcome to the Global CT Institute Center of Excellence (GCTI-CoE), where subject matter experts have joined forces to provide you with the best certificate, diploma, and master's education programs with a curriculum developed internationally. The coursework is both operationally and academically developed to provide you with the critical thinking and research skills needed to counter terrorism, violence, and extremism while emphasizing human rights and security in policing.

Although the coursework may be challenging, the knowledge and information you acquire will be invaluable and unforgettable. We are excited to have you join our institute and look forward to connecting you with our program advisors, Todd M Price MBA and Mrs. Amber Oquindo MS(HLS), as well as your major research project supervisors, Dr. Gurpreet Kaur and Dr. Allan Britton.

Once you submit your admissions packet, we will attach and return your letter of acceptance along with your enrollment options. We will then schedule a finance meeting and begin the contracting and account set up process. Your student ID number will be the number you use when requesting official documentation of records, as well as the degree conferred by the Paris Graduate School Administration for the master's program. All diplomas and certificates will come from GCTI.

Once you have completed your financial advising meeting, you can enroll in your program of choice. This will grant you access to our e-magazine, free webinar entry, and the GCTI library, which you will have lifetime access to for research and publication access.

Our NATO Counter-Terrorism Reference Guide (CTRG-2020) and library are just the beginning. We will also provide an orientation after you complete the account set up process and sign your contract. Cohorts begin four times a year in January, April, July, and October.

We can't wait to read your essays and have you in class. Please note that the admissions process only applies to the diploma, master's, and PhD by research programs.


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