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Criminal Justice with Investigations


Flexible Payment Options


20 weeks

About the Course

Crime and justice have had a significant impact on the society around the world as well as the media over the years. The threat posed by terrorism has increased over the number of years and many challenges a risen within criminal justice to prosecute and develop policies to prevent terrorist attacks in response to this threat. This diploma will cover most aspects of the role and functions of the criminal justice system and examine the relationship between the law and human rights.

In addition, the diploma will explore issues relating to contemporary policing and policing procedures that may have an impact on society, as well as the relationship between the police and the communities at large. The course will help students to understand the criminal justice response to terrorism. You will gain critical analysis on crime, human rights, criminal justice, and policing and gain knowledge on the institutions that form the part of the criminal justice system. The course will also look at significant developments made within the criminal justice system.

Upon the completion of the course, you will be able to have a better understanding of the criminal justice system and gain employment within criminal justice or pursue further studies in this area. Both modules are available online and you can study from anywhere and submit your assignment online. In addition, weekly seminars will be available to discuss various topics on the subject taught.
At the end of the course, you will be expected to undertake a research project on a relevant topic of particular interest to you.

The course is taught by staff who have considerable experience in both research and teaching as well as work experience in the fields of criminology, criminal justice, terrorism, and policing studies.

The diploma requires about 40hours of study and consists of four modules, totaling 40 credits. Once completed, you will be eligible for the diploma certificate.

Your Instructor

Mohamed Omar MBA

Mohamed Omar MBA

Mohamed has served in the police for nearly a decade in the United Kingdom. He served in frontline policing, criminal investigation department, Traffic Policing, Training and Community Policing. Mohamed has significant experience managing major incidents and complex security operation both in the public and private sector.

Mohamed spent almost a decade in Africa after leaving the police, managing complex security operations for wider business sectors and conducted complex investigations. He helped grew the security operations business through customer engagement and retention.

Mohamed is an expert in Security Risk Management, Investigations, Security Operations Management, Operational Policing, Loss Prevention, Asset Protection, Executive Protection, Crisis Management and Resilience, Counter-Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism, Training, benchmarking and Quality Management Systems. He is an Advisory Board Member and Director of Programs in Criminal Justice with Global Counter Terrorism Institute.

Bilingual in Swahili.
Masters in Business Administration.
Bachelor of Science in Policing and Investigations.
Foundation Degree in Police Studies.
Level 5 Corporate Risk and Crisis Management.
Diploma in Certified Security Management Professional.
Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist

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