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International Security Studies




20 Weeks

About the Course

"International Security Studies (ISS) is a dynamic and evolving field that addresses the complex challenges of global security in the 21st century. This interdisciplinary field combines elements of political science, military strategy, sociology, and international relations to analyze and understand the multifaceted nature of security threats. ISS explores topics such as terrorism, cyber warfare, international conflict, peacekeeping, intelligence analysis, and the impact of emerging technologies on global security dynamics. The program is designed to equip students, professionals, and leaders with the critical thinking skills and strategic insights necessary to navigate, manage, and mitigate security risks on a global scale. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, ISS prepares individuals to become adept at analyzing security issues, formulating policies, and implementing effective strategies in the ever-changing landscape of international security."

Your Instructor

Todd M Price MBA

Todd M Price MBA

Todd is an accomplished professional with a rich background in both military service and education. He began his distinguished military career in 1982 with the US Air Force as an F-15 Aircraft Weapons Maintenance Technician. Todd's dedication and skill led him to a successful career spanning over three decades, culminating in his role as a Training and Operations Non-Commissioned Officer and dual-status Federal Technician Commodity/Manager in the Oregon National Guard, retiring in 2016.

In addition to his military accolades, Todd is a committed lifelong learner. He holds an AAS degree in Criminal Justice and Computer Science, a Bachelor of Science in Criminology with minors in Psychology and Military Science, and a Master’s in Business Administration specializing in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, all from Southern Oregon University. His academic journey is complemented by several internships, including roles as a Legislative Advisor to Students in Oregon and positions in recovery centers for youth and adult treatment programs.

A visionary leader in the educational domain, Todd founded the Associated Students of Rogue Community College Medford Campus in 1998. He further demonstrated his innovative spirit by creating the Oregon Community College Student’s Association internet website in 2000, a platform that unites 17 community colleges for collaborative educational purposes. His efforts were recognized in 2001 when he received the Oregon Community College Outstanding Student Scholar Award from Governor John Kitzhaber.

Currently, as the Founder and CEO of the Global CT Institute, Todd is at the forefront of fostering international relations. His institute focuses on developing practical solutions to counter violence, extremism, and terrorism through online educational programs and the advancement of Global Information Systems and Advanced Information Technologies. His work not only showcases his expertise but also his commitment to global peace and security.

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