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Welcome to the Global CT Analyst

Business Meeting

Our Story

Here at GCTA we strive to produce the very best articles and academic papers with an aim to inform and educate our readers on current Geo-Political Affairs and Counter-Terrorism worldwide.


 Our mission is to offer the highest standard of unbiased, non-partisan information that people need and want to know about the world around them and through this vision, the Global CT Analyst E-Magazine was born.

Not only are we 100% focussed on building a strong foundation based on truth and understanding with our E-Magazine, but we are expanding with the launch of our GCTA Podcast in the coming months.

Meet The Team


Isabella Bromley
GCTI Research Associate

Dr. Allan Britton
GCTI Senior Research Fellow

Keenan Wittman
GCTI Research associate

Article Submissions

Academic Papers related to geopolitics, terrorism, counter-terrorism, human security, and cyberwarfare are of interest to us. Submissions of the following lengths (Minus References) are accepted by the Global CT Analyst:

Articles for Journal Articles: 500-1000 Words
Long Academic Papers: 3000 - 6000 Words
Case Study Papers: 2000 Words

Only articles that are solely the author's property and are not previously widely available are accepted by The Global CT Analyst. The exclusive publishing rights are given to The Global CT Institute upon acceptance of your paper.

The Global CT Analyst accepts Standard Harvard Referencing only, to be written in Calibri, Size 12, and submitted via Microsoft Word Document only.  Please ensure you have checked your citations, word count, spelling, and such for errors prior to submission.

Submit your papers at

Thank you, we look forward to working with you in the future.



Note. Defence Horizon Journal only accepts publications in Chicago Style Formatting.

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