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A Baseline AI-Security Architecture Framework

Mar 29, 2023

By Todd M Price MBA


The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technology has presented new opportunities for improving cybersecurity measures and new challenges in dealing with AI-enabled cyber threats. As both defenders and attackers use AI, it is essential to develop a comprehensive security architecture framework focusing on using Cyber AI to outsmart criminals instead of criminals benefiting from AI. This paper presents a framework for such a security architecture that comprises several vital elements.

Threat Assessment:

Conducting a thorough threat assessment is the first step in developing a Cyber AI-based security architecture framework. This should include identifying the types of threats the organization is likely to face, their severity, and their likelihood. The threat assessment should be based on current cybersecurity best practices and may include techniques such as vulnerability scans, penetration testing, and social engineering tests (National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2020).