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Crossing the Red Line

Keenan Wittman

Feb 28, 2023

Keenan Wittman

A moment of complete silence on their eastern front, Ukraine cannot take those moments for granted under the 'mercy' of Russia's allies. The word "ally" may not be accurate currently. However, there is talk China has advised Russia during Voladamir Putin’s pursuit of authority in Ukraine. Chinese President Xi Jinping urged Putin not to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, although there's no proof that China has supported Russia with lethal military assets to Russia.

China's form of support reads as friendly advice and therefore is skeptical. Could it be China's President is strategically collaborating with Russia's defense leaders and keeping hostile intentions out of the media? Or is it possible Jinping genuinely wants to be a voice of reason in Putin's ear? Contemplations for either scenario have been dragging on as the war continues to kill and injure civilians in Eastern Europe.

Russia fired over 20 rockets this past Sunday, resulting in the deaths and injuries of countless innocents. General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said, “Meanwhile, Ukraine also launched more than 20 air strikes against Russian ‘firing positions’ and ‘important enemy targets.’ ”

Let’s not forget China has been paying a “reputational cost” for its support of Russia since their agreement to maintain a strategic partnership. This concept generates ambiguity in questioning China’s purpose in maintaining this partnership through such hostile actions. Leading Chinese diplomat Wang Yi, arrived in Moscow earlier this week after announcing that Beijing has devised a plan to broker peace between Russia and Ukraine.

With worldwide tension peaking every month, China's attempt to convince the rest of the world their priority is global peace will not be accepted at a moment's notice. Nevertheless, in the current moment, the United States must remain optimistic but prepared. Chinese leaders understand the consequences America would bestow if their military aid and supplies were to back up Russia at the Ukranian border; for that is a red line not to be crossed.

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