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Exodus from Hong Kong

Jan 22, 2023

Dr. Allan Britton

What has happened to Human Rights in Hong Kong, since the UK transferred sovereignty to the Chinese on the 1st July 1997, human rights have been steadily eroded. The most recent event is where human rights lawyers are fleeing abroad, during an effort by the Chinese Authorities to cleanse the city of any dissent. This pressure is part of a wider crackdown by the ruling Party on lawyers across China, say activists, legal scholars, and diplomats.

State wide intimidation is the norm along with anonymous threats via email and text are being sent to anyone who shows any form of dissent. In some cases, GPS tracking devices have been found attached to cars.

The issue now, is that 2 members of the UN Security Council are showing a total disregard of Human Rights and the UN, indeed the world are just letting them carry on without any repercussions.

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