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Pressure being put on IS

Feb 16, 2023

Dr. Allan Briton

The capture of Haradhare was the culmination of a long effort by the Somali government, US forces, and allied clans to push back against the piracy that had plagued the Gulf of Aden for years. The port had been a major centre for the operations of Somali pirates, who had terrorized international shipping and caused millions of dollars in losses for the shipping industry. The capture of the port marked a major victory for the Somali government, as it sent a clear signal that the piracy problem could be solved with a coordinated effort and the right resources. For the US, the victory at Haradhare was a testament to their commitment to providing intelligence and operational support to the Somali government. The US forces had provided crucial intel and training to Somali government forces and their allies, helping them to plan and execute the operation that resulted in the capture of the port. The US also provided surveillance and air support to the Somali forces that allowed them to take the port with minimal casualties. The capture of Haradhare was a major symbolic victory for the Somali government, demonstrating to the world that they were capable of taking on the pirates and protecting their own people. It was also a major victory for the US, as it showed the world that their commitment and resources had paid off. With the capture of Haradhare, the Somali government and their allies have taken a major step towards restoring order to the Gulf of Aden and ending the scourge of piracy.


US and Somali Armed Forces Put Pressure on Al-Shabaab and Islamic State (


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