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Women and Afghanistan Security Priority (Operation WASP)

Todd Price, MBA

Mar 21, 2023

Todd Price, MBA


The United States' withdrawal from Afghanistan presents a significant challenge to the country's human rights situation, particularly for women and civil society. This research paper argues that the US can have the most significant impact on human rights inside Afghanistan by collaborating closely with European players committed to protecting Afghan women and preserving the gains made in civil society. The EU is poised for more significant influence in Afghanistan and can leverage this opportunity to support the country's human rights situation. This paper explores the challenges facing Afghanistan's human rights situation and provides solutions. The Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan has led to significant concerns regarding the security of women and education. The Taliban's previous regime was notorious for its oppression of women and their lack of educational support. This paper proposes a security architecture framework to address the crises in Afghanistan with a focus on women and education security in the context of the Taliban in power.