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December 9th Workshop: Last chance discount. Ends today!

Title: “Navigating the Digital Battlefield: Workshop on Countering Malign Influence”

🚀 Exciting Workshop Alert: December 9th – A Deep Dive into Digital MisinformationWe’re excited to invite you to Day 6 of our enriching workshop: “Navigating the Digital Battlefield: Advanced Strategies for Counteracting Malign Influence.” This pivotal session is scheduled for December 9th, from 9 AM to 12 PM PST, offering a focused exploration into the realm of digital misinformation and influence tactics.

🌐 Unpacking the Digital Era’s Challenges: Session HighlightsJoin us for a comprehensive journey into the strategies for combating malign influence and misinformation. Our session begins with a strategic overview, leading into an in-depth exploration of disinformation, propaganda, and cyberattacks. Engage in interactive activities and real-world case studies that hone your ability to identify and counter these complex challenges.

🔎 Master Credibility Assessment and Critical Thinking SkillsIn this workshop, you’ll gain essential skills for discerning disinformation and authenticating sources, especially within the intricate web of social media. Learn to evaluate the credibility of information and develop strategies for accurate online assessments. Boost your critical thinking abilities through practical exercises, preparing you to effectively navigate the information landscape.

📅 Save the Date: December 9th, 9 AM to 12 PM PSTThis is an unmissable opportunity for professionals and enthusiasts alike to gain cutting-edge insights into digital information warfare. Ensure your participation in this enlightening session by marking your calendar for December 9th.

💻 Secure Your Seat: Registration Now OpenEager to be part of this transformative workshop? Register on our website today. Participation fees can be conveniently processed at Global CT Institute Pricing. Spaces are limited, so we encourage you to secure your spot promptly.

Join us in our commitment to combat digital misinformation and malign influence. We eagerly await your participation on December 9th!

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