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Leadership 101

Want to know the #1 career killer for leaders?


If you’re not comfortable with conflict, you won’t be a good leader.


Because it affects everything you do! It impacts: 👉 Your negotiation skills 👉 Your ability to motivate and drive your team forward 👉 Your contribution in group forums

As a leader, the mantra you need to live by, and that will help you face into conflict is: Respect Before Popularity.

Being liked doesn’t matter, but being respected does, and if people trust and respect you, there’s absolutely nothing that you can’t say to them.

Getting over your inability to handle conflict is going to turbocharge your career.

Perseverance in the face of adversity!

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Ammar Banni
Ammar Banni
Jul 03, 2021

It must understand the terrorism doctrine ,because, I think any terrorist act was preceded by ideas, thoughts.. How to eliminate theses ideas?

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