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Beginning November 1st all inactive members will be removed. We will give you till then to post a message that you wish to remain. We will begin giving rewards to all active group members. We can see who has subscribed to our site and who has not. We wish to give all of you the opportunity to earn rewards and to help students achieve their goals.

Starting November 1st all active subscriptions E magazine members will be able to take the Computer Science Diploma course Free. Thats right Free! Why? Our Community has reached over 1,000 members and we feel your being here has helped us tremendously and without your continued support we could never have reached this milestone.

The first 100 people who sign up for the E-magazine will also be able to get the computer science diploma course free. Thats right free! Thats a $1,495.00 value for only $7.99 USD. This course will run weekly on saturdays with live instructor help and can be done at your own pace.

Sign up for Emagazine at

Respond with your questions to

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