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Title: Enhancing Global Security and Counter-Terrorism Perspectives: A Synergistic Collaboration with Dr. Matthias Wasinger, Todd Price, and Amber Oquindo

Submitted by: Todd M Price MBA

The submissions to The Defense Horizon Journal, under the esteemed editorship of Dr. Matthias Wasinger, reflects a synergistic collaboration with Global Security Subject Matter Experts experts Dr Allan Britton, Dr Sean Carr, Dr Christos Beretas, Dr Souha Akiki Svahn of the Paris Graduate School and Todd Price MBA and Amber Oquindo MS HLS from The Global Counter-Terrorism Institute. Our joint endeavor aims to deepen the understanding and expand the methodologies in the field of counter-terrorism.

Integrating Diverse Expertise in Counter-Terrorism

Led by Dr. Wasinger’s editorial acumen, this collaboration benefits from the diverse backgrounds and experiences of Todd Price and Amber Oquindo. Their practical insights complement the academic and theoretical frameworks that underpin our approach to modern counter-terrorism challenges.

Addressing Contemporary Terrorism Dynamics

We explore the multifaceted nature of current terrorist threats, including the implications of digital technologies and global networks. The combined expertise of Dr. Wasinger, Todd Price, and Amber Oquindo provides a comprehensive analysis of these evolving threats and suggests innovative countermeasures.

Educational Outreach and Expert Development

A key focus of our collaboration is on education and professional development in counter-terrorism. We discuss strategies for equipping upcoming professionals in the field, inspired by the educational initiatives spearheaded by The Global Counter-Terrorism Institute and supported by Dr. Wasinger’s academic leadership.

A Comprehensive and Informed Approach

Our submission advocates for a multidisciplinary approach to counter-terrorism, aligning military, diplomatic, and humanitarian efforts. The insights of Todd Price and Amber Oquindo, in concert with Dr. Wasinger’s editorial guidance, highlight the importance of a balanced and nuanced strategy in addressing global security issues.


This collaborative submission represents a commitment to advancing the field of counter-terrorism. The unique combination of Dr. Matthias Wasinger’s editorial expertise and the practical knowledge of Todd Price and Amber Oquindo from The Global Counter-Terrorism Institute enriches the discourse and contributes to the development of effective global security solutions.

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