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Global Counter-Terrorism Institute

Frequently Asked Question

Top 20 FAQ's that students ask for in 2023


Here is the organized list of FAQs with their respective responses based on the information from the Global Counter-Terrorism Institute's website:

  1. What programs does the Global Counter-Terrorism Institute offer?

    • The Institute offers Master's degrees in International Security Studies and Cybersecurity, Diplomas in Criminal Justice with Investigations, Criminal Justice and Human Rights, International Security Studies, Beginners Arabic, IT Bootcamp, and Counter-Terrorism/Countering Violent Extremism with an emphasis in Investigations/Human Rights & Policing. There are also Certificate programs, Single Course options, Custom Curricula, master classes, and Certificate Bundles.

  2. How can I apply to the Global Counter-Terrorism Institute?

    • For application procedures, please visit the Admissions section of their website or contact the institute directly for detailed instructions.

  3. What are the prerequisites for joining your programs?

    • Prerequisites for programs are not specified. Please consult the specific program details or contact the institute for information on prerequisites.

  4. Are there any scholarships or financial aid available for students?

    • Information about scholarships or financial aid is not mentioned. Interested individuals should inquire directly with the institute for details on financial support options.

  5. Can international students apply to your programs?

    • The online nature of their coursework suggests that international students may apply, but it's best to confirm directly with the institute.

  6. What career opportunities are available after completing the programs?

    • Specific details on career opportunities post-completion are not provided. Direct consultation with the institute is recommended for precise information.

  7. Does the institute have partnerships with the government or private sectors?

    • The institute mentions esteemed partners but does not specify the sectors they belong to. It suggests a network of partnerships beneficial to students and the institute's mission.

  8. What are the research opportunities at the institute?

    • The institute has emphasized its multidisciplinary research since 2019, indicating opportunities in various investigations related to counter-terrorism and security.

  9. How does the institute ensure the safety and security of its students?

    • Specific measures for student safety and security are not detailed. Direct inquiries to the institute would provide comprehensive insights.

  10. Can students participate in international counter-terrorism conferences?

    • Participation in international conferences is not explicitly mentioned, but potential opportunities can be explored by contacting the institute.

  11. What resources are available for students to learn about counter-terrorism?

    • The institute offers various courses, diplomas, certificates, and MasterClasses, along with a new Cyber Lab for 2024.

  12. Are there any online or distance learning options available?

    • All coursework is 100% online, catering to a broad audience, including international students.

  13. How does the curriculum address the ethical considerations in counter-terrorism?

    • The curriculum's ethical dimension is suggested by the inclusion of programs focusing on human rights, but direct consultation is recommended for detailed insights.

  14. What are the housing options for students?

    • Housing options are not applicable due to the online nature of the institute's programs.

  15. How diverse is the student body at the institute?

    • The website does not provide specific demographics, but the global accessibility of its online programs likely contributes to a diverse student body.

  16. What student organizations or clubs related to counter-terrorism can I join?

    • Information about specific student organizations or clubs is not mentioned. Interested individuals should contact the institute for details.

  17. Are there opportunities for practical training or internships?

    • The institute mentions an Internship for February 2024, indicating opportunities for practical training.

  18. What are the faculty qualifications at the institute?

    • Specific faculty qualifications are not listed. The institute's website or direct contact would provide information on the expertise and background of its faculty.

  19. How does the institute contribute to global counter-terrorism efforts?

    • The institute contributes to global counter-terrorism efforts through its specialized training programs, research, and partnerships.

  20. Is there a counseling service available for students?

    • Counseling services are not mentioned. For information on student support services, contacting the institute directly is recommended.

Global Counter-Terrorism Institute

Frequently Asked Question

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