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Counter-Terrorism Studies


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20 Weeks

About the Course

"Theme 1 delves into the all-important question of how one defines terrorism and the various characteristics often used to describe it. It then explores terrorism’s past, reaching deep into human history to contextually situate present-day threats among their many precursors. Finally, those two elements dovetail in an explication of the varied types of terrorism, the varied longevity of terrorist groups and how those differences can help us understand both the larger phenomenon and particular groups and movements.

Theme 2 focuses primarily on ideological factors, first analyzing the radicalization processes that provide modern terrorist groups with members and sympathizers. After examining both violent extremist and transnational ideologies, it then explores personal and organizational motivations in pursuing terrorism, as well as the methods by which individuals and groups do so.

Theme 3 is grounded in the state of terrorism today, beginning with the financial methods groups use to fund attacks and maintain their organizations. It then projects a range of emerging threats, including the potential acquisition and use of weapons of mass destruction, the technological innovations exploited by terrorist groups to advance their goals, and the flow of foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs).

Finally, though counter-terrorism elements are found throughout the curriculum, Theme 4 focuses specifically on what states can do to combat a constant and multivalent threat nexus. It assesses the tools available to states at the international, regional and national levels to best protect their citizens and institutions, designating the use of those tools to the relevant bodies and how they combine to form a cohesive national strategy"

Your Instructor

Todd Price MBA

Todd Price MBA

Todd is a retired US Army Infantry /Logistics Non-Commissioned Officer and retired United States Property and Fiscal Office Commodity Manager. In 1982 I started my military career in the US Air force as an F-15 Aircraft Weapons Maintenance Technician. I completed my Career 2016 in the Oregon National Guard as a Training and Operations NCO /dual-status Federal Technician Commodity/ Manager. I am a lifetime learner with an AAS degree in Criminal Justice and Computer Science, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Minor in Psychology and Military Science. I Completed the requirements for my Master’s in Business administration in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence all at Southern Oregon University. I have completed several internships with Oregon Legislative advisor to Students as well as Recovery centers for youth and adult treatment programs.

I was the founding father of the Associated Students of Rogue Community College Medford Campus in 1998. I created the Oregon Community College Student’s Association internet website platform in the year 2000 to link all 17 community colleges together to share information for an appropriate and effective educational, collaborative forum. I was the 2001 Recipient of the Oregon Community College Outstanding Student Scholar Award from Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber. I am the Current Founder and CEO of the Global CT Institute, helping to grow a collaboration between countries to improve international relations with practical solutions to countering violence, extremism and terrorism in an online educational development solution and new technologies in Global Information systems and Advance Information systems.

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