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Meet Cofounder Mrs Amber Oquindo MS HLS & Our Homeland Security Connection

Updated: Jan 12


Amber Oquindo, MSHS, is an ardent champion of education, holding a distinguished academic background with a Master of Science degree in Homeland Security Management and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. Her academic journey commenced at Pennsylvania State University, where her thirst for knowledge ignited her passion for comprehending the intricate complexities of our global landscape.

With her formidable expertise, Amber Oquindo specializes in the realm of terrorism, placing a robust emphasis on understanding the mechanisms of recruitment, propaganda dissemination, and radicalization. Her dedication to education extends far beyond the classroom, as she actively collaborates with non-profit organizations to raise awareness, provide essential interventions, and empower marginalized communities across the globe, with a particular focus on regions like the Middle East. Amber's commitment to addressing critical security challenges is further highlighted by her prestigious certifications from FEMA, demonstrating her unwavering resolve to safeguarding our world.


In the realm of education, I steadfastly believe that knowledge is not merely a pursuit but a potent catalyst for enacting positive change in our world. My journey, ignited by an insatiable thirst for learning and a deep commitment to comprehending the multifaceted global issues we face, has given rise to a profound philosophy. Education, in my view, stands as the bedrock of progress and the key to confronting some of society's most pressing dilemmas.

My educational background, spanning Homeland Security Management and Political Science, has endowed me with a unique perspective through which I perceive the world. I regard education as a dynamic force, one that not only enriches the mind but also empowers individuals to make informed decisions, effect positive transformations, and nurture a safer, more enlightened global community.

Furthermore, my specialization in comprehending terrorism, including its recruitment strategies, the dissemination of propaganda, and the intricacies of radicalization processes, has cemented my belief in education's pivotal role in countering the forces of ignorance and extremism. My passion extends to collaborating with non-profit organizations to amplify awareness, provide necessary interventions, and uplift marginalized communities, particularly in regions such as the Middle East, through the power of education.

Throughout my professional journey, I have diligently acquired certifications from FEMA in vital areas of national security. These certifications underscore my unwavering commitment to staying prepared and well-informed in addressing critical security challenges. My personal philosophy revolves around the transformative potential of education, equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools required to forge a safer, more informed world for all. It is this unshakable belief that propels my dedication to education and fuels my vision of a brighter future for our global community.

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