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Meet Our President Todd Price MBA & Our NATO Connection

As President of the Global Counter-Terrorism Institute, my engagement with the NATO Project’s research and specialization is deeply interconnected and strategically significant. The NATO DEEP Project, with its primary focus on international security and defense, dovetails with my extensive expertise in counter-terrorism and my leadership role at the Global CT Institute. Here’s a detailed exploration of this alignment:

1. NATO’s Emphasis on Counter-Terrorism: NATO has been increasingly prioritizing counter-terrorism in its strategic agenda. My background, characterized by over two decades of experience in counter-terrorism operations both domestically and internationally, equips me uniquely to contribute meaningfully to NATO’s initiatives in this domain. This synergy is not just about shared goals but also about leveraging my practical insights to enhance NATO’s counter-terrorism strategies.

2. Alignment with International Security Studies: In my capacity as Chair of Masters in International Security Studies at The Paris Graduate School-Innovative Knowledge Institute, I am deeply involved in shaping the future of international security. This role resonates with NATO’s broader objectives in maintaining global peace and security. Given NATO’s involvement in academic research and training, my academic leadership and experience in nurturing future leaders in counter-terrorism and security can be highly beneficial to their projects.

3. Collaborative Approach with Diverse Entities: My work at the Global CT Institute necessitates collaboration with a spectrum of organizations, including government agencies and NGOs. This mirrors NATO’s collaborative ethos, which involves engaging with member states, partner countries, and international organizations to tackle complex security challenges. My experience in fostering such collaborations can be instrumental in enhancing NATO’s multi-faceted approach to security.

4. Expertise in Peacekeeping and Stability Operations: My tenure in peacekeeping operations in the Middle East and North Africa aligns closely with NATO’s role in crisis management and peacekeeping. NATO frequently undertakes missions to foster stability in regions prone to conflict. My on-ground experience and strategic insights in these areas could be invaluable in informing and enhancing NATO’s peacekeeping missions.

5. Strategic Development and Policy Formulation: My expertise in developing comprehensive strategies for combating terrorism and preventing future attacks is directly pertinent to NATO’s strategic objectives. As NATO continually adapts its policies and strategies to address emerging security threats, including terrorism, my insights and experience could significantly contribute to shaping these evolving strategies.

6. Training and Capacity Building: My background in academic and practical training aligns with NATO’s focus on enhancing the capabilities and skills of security forces in member and partner countries. This aspect of my work is about building a robust foundation for future leaders in counter-terrorism and security, which is a key area of focus for NATO as well.

In conclusion, my specialization and experience in counter-terrorism, coupled with my academic leadership and expertise in international security, are closely aligned with NATO’s objectives and projects. My involvement in the NATO Project could create a symbiotic relationship, enhancing both the effectiveness of NATO’s counter-terrorism initiatives and the impact of my work at the Global Counter-Terrorism Institute. This partnership stands to benefit from my practical experience, strategic insights, and academic acumen, contributing significantly to the global efforts in maintaining peace and security.

Apache Six out!

41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team.

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GCTI Admin
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Yes. Would you like to set up an advising session or Sign up to the 19 January meeting where we will answer questions and set up advising sessions.

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